The Influence of Gossypia Boutique to the Town

Having been in Old Town for more than forty years, Amanda Lasker has seen the region go through various transitions. Over the years, the region has gone through negative and positive changes. Old Town no longer has its small town appeal and is increasingly becoming congested. On the other hand, Old Town now features a cosmopolitan vibe and has become more popular across the United States. The reason for Old Town’s success amid the changes has been maintaining its individuality. The Torpedo Factory has been a huge blessing to Gossypia Boutique since it complements the boutique’s hand-made artwork. Usually, the boutique’s handmade art items are made by someone outside the country. Torpedo Factory on the other hand has in-house artisans. Such a factory is rare and is the only one of its kind in the United States. The factory is a really unique concept, and one of the best things to happen in the region.

Amanda Lasker is impressed by the new blood of female entrepreneurs who have ventured into business in Old Town. She believes that they are bringing more life into the region and are making it more lively. She is grateful for their contribution to Old Town.

Gossypia Boutique brings a touch of Latin America to Old Town. When you visit the Alexandria-based establishment, you will be hard-pressed not to find something you like, whether it’s a linen dress, an item with an image of Frida Kahlo, or a Mexican mache doll. The jewelry and clothing at the boutique are ideal for everyday wear, special events, and for travel to humid and hot places. The boutique features a flax-made clothing line that is extremely practical for wearing when you are on the road. Other than the travel attire, you will enjoy the art. The Alexandria Boutique features splendid art on every corner– on the chest of drawers, shelves, on every wall and nook, and occasionally as display models. The Latin America-inspired folk art is in the form of nativity scenes, mirrors, crosses, pottery, and other items. Gossypia also features a unique selection of Day of the Dead with items such as iconic papier mache skulls and skeletons. Amanda Lasker obtains the products on her travels to Central America and Mexico. If you are a fan of Frida Kahlo, you will be delighted by the various selection of items with her images imprinted on them at the boutique. Gossypia is not only the place you go to admire the art, or when you want to find yourself something nice and unique, It is also a rich source of gift ideas for your family and friends. Everything at the Gossypia Boutique is one of a kind, and the store is certainly worth a visit.